Busking is tough work; no matter how talented or charismatic the musician is, they are often ignored for hours as people walk right by and pretend they don't exist. The solo guitarist of Jass Pangkor Buskers, in Pangkor, Malaysia, had had that kind of a day and was about to call it quits when an adorable quartet of listeners stopped by and made it all worthwhile.

"My friend just finished his busking on that night but not many people heard him sing. He was feeling upset," Daily Mail reported, quoting commentary from the original poster of the video. "Suddenly the kittens (3 months old) come and sit in front of him, like [they] know his feeling and give him support." The moment was captured in a video gone viral.

The four kittens are rapt at the guitarist's feet as he sings, watching his hand movements intently and occasionally seeming to bob their heads to the beat. Perhaps the song is similar to the Music for Cats composed by David Teie, whose concept of "species-specific music" was featured by the New York Times as one of the best ideas of 2009.

Whatever they were attracted to, the kittens stay at the busker's feet for the entire song, never wavering in their attention. "The kittens be his audience till the end and he thanked the kittens for watching," writes the video owner.  

Enjoy the video, and be sure to share it -- who doesn't love kittens and good music?