Who says dogs don’t pray? Definitely not Lab puppy owner, Chris Credendio. 

In the 23-second online video below, viewers witness a precious moment as Kahlua, a wiggly 11-week old Lab, and his owner bow their heads over kibble. The wiggly puppy excitedly approaches the bowl but quickly assumes prayer position as Credendio says, "Let's pray." 
Nothing short of adorable, viewers are impressed as the pup patiently waits until 
Credendio says “Amen” before devouring his food. The clip ends with the ball of cuteness lapping up his meal as Credendio praises the dog with a well-deserved back rub. 

With over 700K views on YouTube and 40K likes on Instagram, it’s safe to say that this pup has definitely touched the hearts of many. If all dogs go to heaven, there is certainly a spot for this devout pooch.

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