A 7-year-old Tennessee boy with cancer got to meet his hero recently. The boy, Gabriel "Tater" Singleton got to meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Singleton is a big fan of Johnson’s. He has been a fan of Johnson’s for as long as he has been battling cancer--four years, according to a WRCBTV report.

He has undergone a host of cancer treatments from chemotherapy to stem cell transplants. He became a fan of Johnson’s while he was undergoing chemo. During the procedures, he lost all his hair, and he was embarrassed. To cheer him up, his mom would tell him he looked like Johnson, WRCBTV reported. Singleton ran with his mom’s idea, and now as he battles his cancer, he keeps a Johnson action figure by his side.

In a bid to help Singleton meet Johnson, WRCBTV did a story on him and word got back to Johnson. When Johnson was in nearby Savannah, Ga., filming for the theatrical version of “Baywatch,” he thought it would be a good idea to finally meet his biggest fan, so he invited him to the set.

In an Instagram post, Johnson said he spent the whole day on set with Singleton and his family. He also posed for photos and wore the shirt Singleton had made for him which said, "Live like Tater." Johnson said that kids like Singleton are the real heroes.

“I don't know why things happen the way they do in this life,” Johnson said. “Gotta have faith that there's a bigger reason or lesson for us. Sometimes I'm not sure. But I can tell you this with all my heart and soul that meeting lil' Tater and all these little kids over the years who for some reason far unbeknownst to me, look at me as their hero - is a thousand times way more important than any movie or any ‘thing’ I could ever do or accomplish in my life.”

Check out the special poster Johnson had made for Singleton.