A Spanish brother-sister duo have transformed a seemingly ancient barn into a modern masterpiece. Fair Companies explains how Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino, who run an architecture firm together, spotted the stable in the hills of Extremadura, Spain, and knew it would be a special place for their extended family.

So the duo got to work, adding massive windows to let in light that would not only illuminate the south facing barn but provide heat in the winter. Fair Companies explains that the former barn turned modern home also works completely off the grid, sourcing water from a stream uphill, and utilizing solar and hydropower.

Once inside, the old Spanish barn has a surprising hint of Japanese flare, something Carlos and Camino love and specialize in. The modern furniture, cement, and steel beams are a wonderful juxtaposition to the largely untouched old barn. Carlos and Camino have also infused nature into nearly every space in the home including: an interior patio, a stone water fountain, and bedrooms that boast giant windows with even better views.

By mixing modern amenities with ancient tradition, and renewable energy with age-old techniques, this barn is breathing new life. To see the incredible transformation, and stunning design check out the video below.