Jonathan Jackson doesn't just play a country singer on the television show, "Nashville." He holds his own in real life inside one of country music's most celebrated venues. This video of Jackson performing the classic "Unchained Melody" is one of many of Jackson's Grand Ole Opry performances, according to their site.

"I grew up listening to a lot of country music and Elvis gospel music, so whatever nerves I had were channeled towards wanting to do something that was honoring to my dad," Jackson told Digital Journal about his first performance at the iconic Grand Ole Opry. "I actually felt pretty comfortable when I was out there performing on the Opry," he said.

Jackson debuted as singer-songwriter-producer Avery Barkley in "Nashville's" first season and performed music several times on the show. He also performs with his own rock band "Enation" who claim U2, Peter Gabriel and Pearl Jam as influences, according to the band's biography.

While his introduction to the hallowed grounds of country music may be new, you might find Jackson looks really familiar. According to his website, Jackson began appearing on big screen and small as a child, in such projects as "Tuck Everlasting," "The Deep End of the Ocean," and "Insomnia." He also won a total of five Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on "General Hospital" as Lucky Spencer, the son of 80s soap super couple Luke and Laura.

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