Agonizing eczema ravished an Australia child from birth. His entire face, including lips and eyelids flaked and peeled; his inner ears, legs, arms, and stomach covered in a red itchy rash. "We were desperate for help," reads the text in a Youtube video that shows the hapless child withering in pain, his hands covered in socks to prevent him from scratching and opening sores. 
Since doctors wouldn't understand the excruciating pain 6-year-old Tyler was suffering, Tyler's mom, Debbie Maddalena-Saunders, started filming to prove it. “We felt alone – like we were the only ones. It’s very alienating," Maddalena-Saunders told Kidspot. Finally, the concerned mom turned to Facebook and found this. 

The treatment that finally provided relief to Tyler was a compound cream made from a topical steroid, antibiotic, and moisturizer, according to Kidspot. It was not easy to get, however. More than 6,000 miles across the Indian Ocean, a South African doctor named Dr. Richard Aron had developed what seemed to Maddalena-Saunders, a miracle cure. 

After an online consultation with Dr. Aron and a meeting with an Australian doctor who agreed to oversee the treatment, Tyler began his treatment with the ARON REGIME. According to Dr. Aron's website, Tyler is just one of approximately 6,000 patients the dermatologist has treated in such faraway places as the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Dr. Aron take a holistic approach, which in addition to the special formula cream, includes tailored advice regarding diet, exercise, bathing, clothing, and sun protection. 
 A Youtube video shows a time-lapse of Tyler's skin transforming from red and itchy to clear and smooth. "We had this beaten," says the video. "Tyler started living." 

The boy who once couldn't go to school because of such severe pain was now expressing himself through dance in the streets of his hometown.

"I call him my little warrior," Maddalena-Saunders told Kidspot. "He's resilient beyond his years - there's no doubt about it."