Army Capt. Sarah Cudd looked like she wanted to collapse. Just yards away from her goal, she began to stumble. Then her fellow soldiers on the sidelines began to cheer her on. Due to their encouragement and a visual of her goal, she persevered. Cudd, 46, was participating in a grueling march at Fort Dix, N.J.
ABC News reported that the march was a necessary requisite for soldiers who wanted to earn their Expert Field Medical Badge. During the march, soldiers had to traverse 12 miles in three hours, all while wearing a 35-pound rucksack and carrying a five pound weapon. Cudd completed the trek 15 minutes shy of the three hour time limit, according to ABC News. She was one of the 46 people vying for their badge that day who earned it.


Cudd said that she was happy when the march was over. "Relief was the only thing I felt after I was done," she said to ABC News. "Relief and gratitude to all those who were supporting me and willing me to the finish line."

Footage of Cudd’s finish line triumph was captured by fellow soldier, Capt. Lloyd Mason. The U.S. Army Public Health Command posted the video of Cudd’s journey to Facebook. It had the caption, "Captain Sarah Cudd, from Public Health Command, Fort Knox overcame adversity in an inspirational video that shows us all what 'never quitting' looks like." So far, more than 1 million people have viewed the inspirational video, according to ABC News.

Watch the video below.