You may have heard of a horse fly, but have you ever heard a horse snore? Check out these four hilarious horses as they take it easy in the sunny yard. While it is pretty obvious from their relaxed poses that these animals are entirely at ease, it's the rather human-sounding snoring that really gives away their level of comfort. You shouldn't have to listen to closely to hear it!  

You probably won't see any of these horses getting booted to the couch for keeping the whole house awake, as most of the horses seem to be contributing to the soothing sounds of relaxation and slumber. This deep sleep is a good sign that the horse are completely tuckered out and in need of a good rest. Cool grass, warm sun, it's enough to make anyone tired!

If you thought that horses sleep on their feet, you're right ... and you're wrong. According to Practical Horseman, while horses can doze on their feet, they actually need a little down time (literally) to get deeper sleep. This type of sleep (REM), typically occurs with the horse lying on their side. So rest easy (they sure are), they aren't in any danger. 

Maybe the horses had too much fun running around the yard, or perhaps it was the warm grass that beckoned them to doze, either way those snores are almost as contagious as a yawn!