Entrepreneur Quintin Conway just wants you to make someone smile today. In a viral video message that Conway posted to Facebook, he explains how he hit upon the idea. He said, holding back tears in the video, that he had been having a lousy day where nothing seemed to be going right. He went to a local store. When he got in his vehicle and was about the leave he saw an elderly, bald lady sitting in her car reading a book.
Conway left, but then he felt an overwhelming urge from God the Holy Spirit to do something special for the woman. He turned his truck around and went back into the store and bought the lady flowers. He walked over to her car and gave her the flowers. He said to her, “I hope this encourages you to pass along a smile.” Then he walked back to his vehicle. He said when he looked back, the lady was weeping. This experience gave Conway the perspective that he needed. He realized that his life could be worse.

More than 4 million people viewed the video Conway posted. It’s message seemed to resonate with those who commented on the video.

Dee Graves-Denny wrote, “Thank you for this post. It is always good to go where the spirit lead. You may have saved her life and I hope your day got better.”

Julia DeBoer agreed with Graves-Denny adding, “The power of God at work...you are an amazing young man and we need more people like you in this world! Remember, you reap what you sew, it will all come back to you for being a good person and following the hand of God!”