One deputy in Greenville, South Carolina goes out of his way to make a difference in the lives of the people he encounters on the street, according to FOX Carolina. One of the people Deputy Matt Holman affected was Robert Morris, a homeless man he met on one of his shifts. Their encounter impacted Morris so much that he called 911 to tell the operator about it months later. 
Holman approached the man while out on patrol and asked him how he was doing. Morris told Holman that he'd been sleeping in a tent in the woods, but that it had been washed away in a flood. He also confided in Holman that he'd lost both of his parents and a sister and had taken up drugs and alcohol. In addition, his addiction to drugs and alcohol alienated him from another sister and a brother. He was hungry and tired. 

Holman offered to help.

"He said, 'Do you need anything,' and I said 'Yeah. I need a Bible.' And so he got in his trunk, and he thought he had an extra Bible back there that he keeps just for ... those occasions. And he couldn't find one so... he closed the trunk. Then he stood there for a minute then he opened the trunk back up and he give me his personal Bible," Morris told the 911 operator. 

Holman also purchased dinner for the hungry man. 

About six months after his encounter, Holman received a voicemail from Morris. Morris wanted to thank Holman for helping him. Morris told Holman that because of his help he was able to change his life. 

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