Mother's often go to great lengths to support their children, even onto the stage of "Britain's Got Talent." Mother and son duo Mel and Jaime charmed the audience during week 7 of the 2016 talent show season. Mel agreed to perform A Great Big World's ballad, "Say Something," a song featured on multiple U.S. talent shows, after her son became nervous as a solo act.
"I think being a parent, it's so important to give your child space to breathe, and you literally did not take your eyes off him," judge Amanda Holden said. "It was absolutely beautiful. Really beautiful." Judge Simon Cowell concurred stating that he was afraid Mel, who sings for a living, would overshadow her inexperienced son, but was surprised by the restraint and harmonies.  

While questioning if the duo's performances were exciting enough to take them to the finale, even British media couldn't overlook the sentimental appeal of mother-son duets. "We hope no nasty bullies give Jamie a hard time about it, as they are very, very sweet," wrote Isabel Mohan, talent and entertainment contributor for London's The Daily Telegraph.

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