A YouTube video may finally put us all on the way to ending all those inconsistent, misshapen balls of socks stuffed in drawers around the globe. Klara Egilson admits those are not her talented hands in the video, but felt compelled to share the instructional video to ease sock insanity through viral education.

The video begins by with making a "x" shape out of perpendicularly crossed socks and completing a series of folding and tucking of loose ends until the socks form a symmetrical square. These socks are then ready for neatly tucking into drawer dividers or even arranging in rows so you can always identify the pair you need.

Tech Times recently explored the phenomenon surrounding not always getting to the folding stage of sock laundry. According to the website, a study by Samsung determined that, "One individual loses about 1.3 socks per month. In a year, that would be more than 15 socks." The article expands the math to estimate people lose roughly 1,264 socks in a lifetime.

Know someone whose messy sock drawer can use a bit of sorting? Pass this along and maybe they'll get the hint.