Richard Jones was just named the winner of "Britain's Got Talent," and astonishing acts like this one prove why: the magician, who's also a soldier, has mind-bending tricks up his sleeve that far transcend pulling rabbits out of hats. Using a prop from judge Amanda Holden's own book, Jones' sleight of hands leaves all the "BGT" panel truly flummoxed.
BBC reports that Jones, 25, is "a lance corporal of The Household Cavalry." Drawing on his military experience, Jones' final "BGT" act told the story of Britain's oldest living magician, Fergus Anckorn, who served in the Royal Artillery during WWII and was a prisoner of war in Singapore. He concluded that performance with an appearance from none other than the 97-year-old Anckorn, which appears to have won the national audience's hearts.

According to Daily Mail, Jones won £250,000 for winding up the winner of "BGT." However, Jones told "ITV This Morning" that he intends to stay in the Army despite this newfound success on TV, explaining, "'It's a very busy time of the year. I hope to stay in the army and I'm living the dream on both fronts at the moment."

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