Your ears aren't deceiving you. This driver captured the highway's sweet music – a serenade of "America the Beautiful" – along the iconic Route 66 in Tijeras, N.M. According to KRQE news, National Geographic's television show, "Crowd Control," designed and installed the musical feature to encourage safe driving habits.

“It requires you to drive the posted speed limit,” New Mexico Department of Transportation Spokesperson Melissa Dosher told KRQE. Only automobiles driving at exactly the 45 mph speed limit trigger the tune. Dosher added that they also hope the unique feature helps limit driver fatigue.

Contractors installed elevated metal grooves to create tones resembling notes, according to "Crowd Control." The grooves required precise installation to avoid any gaps or wrong notes in the song. At the time of KRQE's story, only one other highway in California claimed a musical reputation, playing  "The William Tell Overture."

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