A miracle comes in the form of a 12-year-old terrier named Jägermeister. The pup fell overboard in the Gulf of Mexico and was missing for over three hours before boaters found him by happenstance. Two couples, the Kinects’ and Sahrs, were in the area celebrating a birthday fishing trip when they saw something in the water. 

One of the boaters, Bruce Kinect, had initially thought the small dog was just a buoy in the water because his little size and orange animal life vest. On further, inspection they realized that it was actually a little dog struggling to keep his nose above the water. They were able to bring the dog on board and later reunite him with his teary-eyed best friend and owner, Joey Myrick. Boater Michael Sahr said, “It was a blessing we could be a part of that”. 

According to a story from Fox 13 News, Myrick thinks he knows why the little dog jumped. In times past, when Myrick would idle into their island destination, the pup would often jump overboard and paddle the few feet to shore. However, that day, the boat stopped because Myrick was below deck doing a quick check, and the dog probably thought it was time to jump out. More than likely, the tide and waves washed him away. 

Myrick indicated that the little dog was found fourteen miles from where he was lost. In the end, all the boaters agree that it was the small animal life vest that kept the dog safe. Myrick added, “Thank God they picked him up; I don’t think he would have made it to Mexico.” 

What a great story with a happy ending! Don't forget to check out the video below to hear more from the boaters who saved this odds-defying pup. Share with your friends to put a smile on their face today.