A Florida woman who lost her dog nearly two years ago was reunited with him in a Detroit animal shelter, CBS Detroit reported. The dog, Zeus, had been taken in by a man in Florida after his owner Debi Petranck lost him. The man later moved to Detroit. When Zeus ran away from the man, he ended up at the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter. Per the organization’s standard operating procedure, staff at the animal shelter scanned Zeus for a microchip. To everyone’s surprise, he was microchipped. 

When the staff compared the information on the chip to a database they discovered that Zeus had been reported missing two years previously. “The owner, Debi Petranck was ecstatic when we called,” Elaine Greene, Executive Director of Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter, said in a statement according to CBS Detroit. 

Petranck was so excited to find out where Zeus was because she had done so much to find him, but with no luck. According to Fox 29, Petranck got in her car and drove from Florida to Detroit to see Zeus again.  When Petranck and Zeus were reunited, it was like the pair had never left each other’s side. “He knew me right off the bat!” Petranck told CBS Detroit. “Y’all saw him. He came right to me!”

According to CBS Detroit, microchipping an animal gives the animal a permanent subcutaneous identifier. The microchip, which is typically the size of a grain of rice, is inserted into an animal’s neck area and contains a record of the animal’s name and ownership.