A photo of a baby smiling while being cradled by a pair of motorcycle gloves next to a motorcycle helmet is helping a grieving family find closure. The baby in the picture is named Aubrey. Kim Stone, the photographer who took the pictures said that she didn’t do anything special to make Aubrey smile for the camera."It was just so special,” she told Inside Edition. “As soon as I put the glove on top of her, the baby started smiling. I didn't have time to set up lights or anything, I just started taking photos."
The gloves to which Stone refers belonged to Aubrey’s father Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez. Aubrey will never get to meet him because his life was cut short when he was gunned down by an acquaintance at a motorcycle club in Pompano Beach, Fla. He was just 25. 

Before he died, Alvarez had been looking forward to Aubrey’s arrival. He and Aubrey’s mom, Kathryn Seable Williams, were planning to get married after she was born. They also made plans to travel as a family from Florida to Puerto Rico to show Aubrey off to Alvarez’s family.

Though Willams and Alvarez had great plans for the future, the thing that let everyone know that Alvarez, a motorcycle enthusiast, was looking forward to Aubrey’s arrival was that he traded in his sports bike a for a more mature one—a Harley Davidson. 

Williams said that Alvarez wanted the Harley because he didn't want a motorcycle accident to prevent him from seeing his daughter grow up. However, just in case something happened and he wasn't around, Alvarez told Williams that he knew she would take great care of their child. 

"He always told me, 'if something would happen, I know my baby will be okay because you're going to be a great mom no matter what,'" Williams told InsideEdition.com. "I have to live with that, but at the time, it was the sweetest thing he could have ever said."