At 91, New Zealander Olivia Turner earned the judges respect and elevation to the next round during her 2012 "New Zealand's Got Talent" audition. With a soaring performance of "I Could Have Danced All Night" from the musical "My Fair Lady," Turner fulfilled what she called a stage madness from childhood.

"You engaged with the crowd. You engaged with us. A thousand percent hugely respectful, 'yes,'" judge Jason Kerrison said before Turner received her unanimous vote. As she walked away, judge Rachel Hunter could be heard adding, "She looks 30 years younger than what she is! It's unbelievable."

According to her profile page on the talent show's tvnz webpage, Turner's audition isn't her first brush with professional singing. While working as seamstress during World War II, she used part of her wages for singing lessons. She sang with big bands during the war years, until taking a break to marry and raise her children. She placed 8th overall in "New Zealand's Got Talent's" second season.

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