Most people think of money and earthly goods when they think of being generous. Evelyn, 98, turns that notion on its head. In a video on “I Like Giving,” a website focused on giving and storytelling, the white-haired senior shows what her heart is made out of--gold. She shows off her generosity often by driving neighbors and friends in her senior retirement community where they want to go.
Evelyn’s services became a necessity when bus service was discontinued to her retirement community. Evelyn’s friends, such as a woman named Joyce, were distraught, so she sprang into action, offering to get Joyce back and forth to the store. However, Evelyn had an obstacle to overcome first. She no longer had a license because licensing officials took it from her because they thought she was too old to drive. Evelyn said the day her license was taken was the day she actually felt “old.” Despite that obstacle, she went down to her local department of licensing and applied for a new one. She took the tests and passed.  She got her license back and was ready to help out where she could.


“I’m on the earth, I’m here,” she said in the video of her gift to her community. “If I can contribute, I should. Shouldn’t we all? And not just think of ourselves?”

Watch Evelyn's "I Like Giving" video and be inspired.