One good deed can really make a difference. Fred Pitzner, a farmer, who lived in Gaylord, Minn., had no heirs. He decided to leave his local emergency services organization enough funds to purchase an ambulance. Pitzner’s good dead led the Gaylord EMS to pay-it-forward by making sure another town that didn’t have an ambulance had one, according to KARE 11.
The organization’s president, Tom Webster chose to send their old ambulance to nearby Comfrey. Comfrey had an ambulance, but it was nearly 30 years old, according to KFOR. The old Gaylord ambulance was a lot newer at 17 years old, so they gladly accepted it. Webster wasn’t able to see the exchange take place, as he was killed in a tragic accident before it happened, but Pitzner’s nephew, Steve Pitzner said that he thinks his uncle and Webster would be proud of what has happened as a result of their efforts.


Like the EMS team in Gaylord, the Comfrey emergency responders had to decide what to do with their old ambulance.They decided to give their old ambulance to Sanborn, a town that never had an ambulance. The Sanborn EMS team was elated to receive the gift.“You’ve never seen a happier group,” said Comfrey first responder Amber Thom to KFOR. “I mean they loved the buttons and everything. They had the lights going, the sirens going.” Before the gift from Comfrey, responders used to use their personal vehicles for emergencies.
Watch the story of the power of paying-it-forward below.