In August of 2010, Bethany Benson was driving home from a trip to Michigan with her boyfriend. She was comfortable. Her feet were stretched out on the dashboard in front of her and she was fast asleep. Then, the car she was riding in hit a tractor-trailer that was stopped on the road in front of them. 
The impact of the crash crumpled the front of the car. Fortunately, Bethany and her boyfriend were both wearing their seatbelts. Unfortunately, Bethany's legs took the brunt of the impact, according to a comment on the American Family Insurance Facebook page. 


The car was equipped with airbags. And the airbags did their job. Airbags deploy at almost 200 miles per hour (300 km/h).  That pressure threw her legs upwards, through the windshield. Her knees slammed backward into her face. 

The resulting damage included a cracked eye socket and cheekbone, broken nose and a bleed in her brain. In addition, she broke eight bones in her left foot and three bones in her right foot. 

The damage to her feet was so severe that Bethany ended up with a shoe size two sizes smaller than before the crash. She also suffered memory and hearing loss, according to Driving CA. 

Her recovery has been long and hard. She still takes medication to manage her pain and she has to wear special shoes with inserts. The brain bleed may have healed, but it left Bethany a different person. 

"I got back a different daughter. I lost a sweet 22-year-old who worked full-time and put herself through university. She was on a great path. I got a 13-year-old with anger issues," Bethany's mom, Mary Lachapelle, told Driving CA.


Bethany may never recover completely from her injuries and she wants people to be aware of how dangerous putting their feet on the dashboard is, so the same thing doesn't happen to them. 

"Now I see people doing it all the time and it just bothers me because they don't know how dangerous it is. I just want to scream at them, to tell them not to do it, because they might end up like me," she said.