It’s not every day that you get to perform a duet with your idol. However, that’s exactly what happened to street performer, Jason Deeh Pitre. 90’s superstar, Seal, was watching Deeh Pitre perform his gig on the streets of Montréal when he quietly asked him if he would be interested in doing a duet together. Of course, Deeh Pitre obliged.

Luckily, what unfolded next was recorded by a viewer in the audience. The YouTube video showcases Seal’s timeless voice permeating the crowd as everybody stops to stare. Then, he steps back and gives Deeh Pitre the stage, so to speak, which does not disappoint. The pair sounded like two seasoned performers who had been on the road together for years!

According to Inside Edition, Deeh Pitre has been a Seal fan for ages. He said, "The first tape I ever bought was Seal's classic first album. He's been a serious influence on my art." That’s why it meant so much to Deeh Pitre when Seal approached him and said, “"You really touched me. You have an amazing voice! Seriously. Your guitar playing, too."

Deeh Pitre had initially suggested that they sing one of Seal’s songs. However, the performer said he would rather sing “Stand by Me” which they did flawlessly. 

Of course, a crowd began to form around the duet and people on the street paused to take in the show. One viewer, Neil St. Clair told Inside Edition, "After he finished singing, Seal simply walked out past the crowd and down the street. No hanging around. It was a bit like a voice angel just disappearing into the Montreal twilight."

Check out the video of Seal and Deeh Pitre below. You won’t be disappointed.