Ernestine Shepherd proves that being in shape is about your mindset, not your age. At 80 years old, Shepherd wakes up at 3 a.m. each day to eat her egg whites and start the with a run and bodybuilding routine. Routine is important to her and the results are in her remarkable body and youthful appearance. 


In a YouTube video by Prevention Magazine, Shepherd describes her journey towards becoming the oldest body builder in the world. It all started when her sister encouraged Shepherd to begin working out with her so they could one day hold the title as the oldest sister body-builders. However, that dream was cut short when Shepherd's sister suffered a brain aneurysm. 

After her sister's death, Shepherd suffered from anxiety and depression. However, focusing on bodybuilding pulled her out of the depression and helped her achieve the goal her sister had all along--being conducted into the Guinness World Record has being the oldest body builder.

Now, Shepherd continues her bodybuilding and also works as a personal trainer for senior men and women. According to her personal website, she gains inspiration from Sylvester Stallone and Michelle Obama and would love to meet both of them one day. 


Shepherd is proof that you can take control of your healthy and body at any time. She reminds her students, "Age is nothing but a number and you can get fit." 

Check out the video below to learn more about this remarkable woman.