It was a busy day on Newport Beach in California. Hot summer weather and the impending holiday brought crowds to the beaches. Authorities would respond to 10 missing children calls on the beaches in Newport that day. But, one of them nearly ended in tragedy, according to OC Register
Jesse Martin, 35, overheard the pleas of two women looking for a missing 3-year-old boy and decided to help. Martin was in town with family for a reunion and recruited his uncles to help in the search. 

While others searched the beach, Martin, and his uncles spotted some boys digging holes near where the child went missing. Acting on a hunch Martin asked the kids to move, climbed into the hole and started digging. 

After pulling him out of the hole, his uncles (twins), Steve and Stuart Frost (pictured above) gave the boy CPR. 

"We started digging and Jesse found this little boy ... and pulled him out. He was ash gray. He was dead. He was dead. So we pulled him out and the mom was just beside herself," Stuart Frost said, according to the AZ Central. 

The child was taken to the hospital and is doing okay, according to AZ Central

Reports indicated that the boy was inside one of the holes the kids were digging when it collapsed on him. 

In August of 2015, a 12-year old was buried after a sand tunnel he was digging caved in on him and a man died in July of 2014 after a hole he was digging collapsed and buried him under 4-feet of sand. These incidents illustrate something called sand entrapment and that can be lethal. 

San Diego News 7 reported that sand weighs about 100 pounds per cubic foot and a three-by-three foot hole weighs 2,700 pounds. When sand collapses it can be difficult to remove because sand keeps falling back into the hole. Lifeguards encourage parents to make sure children use plastic shovels and that they avoid digging holes that are too deep. 

“The first thing you want to do is dig out that airway to the head so that person can breathe,” Larry Giles, Marine Safety Captain for the City of Encinitas, told to San Diego News 7. See a demonstration of what to do in the video below.