Video footage of the Lifehouse Everything Skit is only five minutes and some change, but it is impacting lives around the globe. It’s a silent pantomime skit that features backing music by Lifehouse. According to a CBN report, students at Mission Baltimore School of Emerging Missional Leadership performed the skit at Winterfest in Knoxville, Tenn.
The skit shows what it’s like to go from having a great relationship with Jesus to what it’s like when the things of the world such as lust, money and vanity start encroaching on that relationship and cutting you off from Him. The performance also shows how Jesus Himself overcomes those things that can cut you off from Him.

Since the video was posted on YouTube in 2007, it has amassed nearly 25 million views and become a phenomenon in its own right. There are dozens of versions of the skit on YouTube and God Tube with different casts. Each version has thousands of views. The videos of the performances where comments haven’t been disabled show how transformative the work truly is to those who view it.

Jason Zhou said on a performance of the skit by the El Salvador Missions Trip Team that the pantomime was “very powerful” and another YouTube user said it really shows the message of the Christian gospel.