21-year-old professional makeup artist, Lisha Simpson, takes a unique approach to body art. The mother of two boys has been experimenting with body art training by using her very own arm as the canvas. In her works, viewers can see for themselves the amazing optical illusions that look so real it's almost hard to believe they aren't!
As with any artist, there is certainly a process and inspiration. Let's take a peek at some of Simpson's most popular pieces and discuss what we have learned about each one. You may be surprised to see the diversity in her work. Prepare yourself to be amazed. 

Simpson tags this piece as horror painting, gore, and nightmare--all of which seem incredibly fitting for this blood-enriched design. As viewers can see, the arm has been painted to look as if the word "hello" has been carved into the arm. Simpson posted this piece as a welcome to her new followers on Instagram. It certainly made an impression! 

To accompany the welcome piece, Simpson included a video. In it, the arm is moving around which take the gruesome up a couple of a notches. It's incredible as the arm move around so do the life-like carved letters. 

The "hello" image has received over 2,500 likes and began a conversation about Simpson's natural talent. Her Instagram comments indicate that she is an inspiration to new and emerging artists that are just beginning practicing body art. One follower said, "I hope I am just as good as after practice because your work is amazing!" 

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Simpson tried her arm at a robot hand and clearly she succeeds! While she indicates that this was a rushed job, viewers would never know it! This piece looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie. 

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The jellyfish piece is absolutely remarkable. Simpson used Mehron makeup, also known as theatrical makeup, to bring this art form to life. 

As if we needed more proof of Simpson's talent she delivers yet another remarkable illusion. Here, the hand appears to have a chunk of skin removed as a worm emerges. It looks so real it is unsettling! 

Simpson proves that contorting the body is as simple as applying a bit of makeup. Here, she has created a design that appears as if the arm and fingers are actually twisted. 

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Here we see a softer side that is much more innocent than some of the other pieces. Simpson certainly has the ability to create a variety of works that differ in tone and overall message. Clearly, she is a versatile artist!

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