The most unlikely pair can sometimes make the best of friends. This is the case when it comes to Little Bear, a black feral cat and a 550-pound bear named Sequoia. The two are often seen lounging together in the shade and sharing meals at dinnertime. It appears that this friendship is here to stay. 

According to a UPI article, senior zookeeper, Jill Faust indicates that the dog food they scattered for Sequoia was what attracted Little Bear to the area. Once the cat became a regular, they started putting food out for her as well. Faust says, "Sequoia walks right by her; she'll walk right by Sequoia, and they'll stay pretty close to each other.” 

While the animals are completely at ease, seeing a cat in a bear enclosure can certainly ruffle the feathers of some of the patrons. In a video posted by ABC 10, a young boy said, “I thought he was going to be eaten by the bear.” However, it appears that the two older animals share a quiet bond that appreciates each other’s company.

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. Sequoia and Little Bear serve as a reminder that even the most unlikely couple can form lasting friendships. We all could use this type of reminder—share with your friends.