An Arizona man’s harrowing tale of birth, dying and restoration is going viral on Facebook. Dawson Willford was in the hospital with his wife Jacqueline on July 7. Jacqueline was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section. The doctors were able to save the couple’s new son, but they weren’t sure they could save Jacqueline, who had gone into shock after the emergency surgery.

Dawson said in his post that he stood next to Jacqueline and tried to be strong for her as she lay bleeding out and dying. He tried to comfort her. Her tried to tell his wife his final goodbyes. He tried to think about his new son. He tried to pray. But he was having difficulty doing most of those things.

Then he was whisked away to another room where he waited. When hospital staff brought Jacqueline into the room where Dawson was waiting, he saw that his wife was still in bad shape. It was a little bit after her arrival that she went into cardiac arrest for the second time that morning. Dawson said he knew that she was dying.

Hospital staff took Dawson and his son to another room. After a short while Dawson asked hospital staff if he could see Jacqueline. He dreaded what he was going to see as he walked down the hall to his wife’s room. He said he wished that someone, anyone, would comfort him and tell him things were going to be okay.

I'm not going to post much about my son. Jacqueline Willford will do all that when she gets better. On July 7, 2016 at...

Posted by Dawson Willford on Saturday, July 9, 2016

Then he said he heard God speak to him. Dawson said God said, “My son I love you more than you can imagine. I heard you and I was there! I saw the c section. I helped the doctors find the problem. I saw when she hemorrhaged and made sure they caught it really quick. I was waiting for you in this hallway when you wanted your father. It's okay to call on me. I will always love you. Just as you asked to save your wife. I've been asking my father to save yours.”

After hearing that encouragement, Dawson walked to his wife’s wrong with renewed confidence. He found that his wife was in stable condition and recovering. Dawson said that though he had been a lax Christian before, he will be attending services from now on. He told his fellow parishioners to welcome him when they see him instead of asking about his long absence. 

Dawson's story is touching thousands on Facebook and causing them to grow in their relationships with God. One person wrote, " Our God is an awesome God. Praises for His love and intervention. I don't know y'all but feel my heart is full to overflowing because of your testimony." Another echoed this sentiment saying, " Your story has definitely turned my faith up a notch! I thank God for using you and healing your beautiful wife. I'm in awe of God's goodness, grace and mercy."

Dawson said he can't believe how much his story is moving people.

"I'm truly speechless! I can't believe so many people have shared this post. I'm humbled to think God can still use the worst of the bunch. My heart is overwhelmed with love and sadness. I'm just one man and 1 story! I can only imagine what would happen if we as men would lose this persona and lead with our hearts. Truly show the world Gods love!"