Linda Boatwright Hanks is cracking up the Internet with her high heel fail. The third grade teacher tried on a pair of three-inch heels while shopping at a Goodwill with her family, and what happened next has everybody in stitches. Linda struts down the aisle like a super model, but the tumble is the true icing on the cake. 
Once she falls to the ground, everybody, including Linda, bursts into a fit of laughter.  Her son, Dusty Hanks is the one to thank for this hilarious video making its way on Facebook and subsequently being viewed over 25 million times. 

Nobody saw this coming. Especially Linda. In an interview with Brewton Standard she said, "I can’t believe it.It makes me realize just how much people enjoy good, clean fun, because that’s exactly what we were having that day.”

While we are all having a good laugh at this lady's expense should we be concerned that she is embarrassed? Absolutely not. Linda indicates that she is happy she could bring joy to other people and says, "Could I have let it be the most embarrassing moment? Of course I could, but that’s not me. (Dusty) got a big laugh out of it, and we’ve enjoyed that people have enjoyed it."

While Linda did not purchase the infamous shoes that left skid marks in her wake, it appears that is the only regret she has about the situation. She says, " I had known what it was going to be like, I sure would have bought those shoes." 

Check out the video for yourself to share in this family's priceless sense of humor. 

I finally got this transferred from my aunt's phone! My family has laughed so incredibly hard at this video, to the point where tears will no longer form. Mom thought it would be a good idea to model some REALLY HIGH heels. Thankful that she's such a good sport because I promise she gave me permission to post this, and I'm totally submitting this to America's Funniest Home Videos (no lie)!

Posted by Dusty Hanks on Saturday, June 4, 2016