Selenay Dagdelen took on the classic "I Will Always Love You" during the blind auditions of "The Voice Kids" in the Netherlands. Although the song commonly appears on talent shows, this performance was enough to make all three judges, Borsato, Ilse, and Ali B, turn their chairs and compete to get the young girl on their team.

According to Dagdelen's Facebook page, the 15-year-old was born in Hoorn. Her family waited backstage while she performed and burst into cheers and tears as it appeared she stunned the judges with her dazzling performance. According to the show's website, she ended up on Team Borsato.

Although originally written and made a hit by Dolly Parton on the Billboard Country charts, Whitney Houston made "I Will Always Love You" famous again on the soundtrack of her movie, "The Bodyguard." Parton told CMT that Costner first approached her about the song.

 “Kevin Costner and his secretary are the ones that loved the song,” Parton said. “They had another song that was going to go in that place, and someone had recorded the song they were going to use. They were just in a panic at the last minute. And so they asked me about the song. I sent it. I didn’t hear anything more.” Parton soon heard it all over pop radio.

This teen once again does the songwriter proud. Pass it around and see how your friends think this version compares to previous recordings.