It's been 32 years since Kevin Bacon danced his way into immortality in "Footloose," but some of his signature moves from the blockbuster movie are instantly recognizable when watching the Kentucky Vocal Union perform the song. The KVU, a barbershop chorus from Louisville, Ky., won third place in the 2012 International Chorus Contest with this entertaining performance.

From start to finish, it's hard not to nod along with the beat as the men sing and dance, going from all-black outfits to bright neon t-shirts -- a fun reminder of the fashions that were popular in 1984, when the original recording by Kenny Loggins was the #1 song around the world.

The Barbershop Harmony Society, which sponsors the annual international competition, reports a membership of 23,000 men in North America and more than 80,000 worldwide. The organization does extensive outreach to bring music and singing to new generations, especially to the a cappella barbershop style "whose roots lie in African-American improvisation and European harmony traditions."