A Kentucky mother found out the hard way that you shouldn’t punish your kids because they just might enjoy it. Barbara Wilson made her son Travis Durham mow lawns in their neighborhood to fix his bad behavior. Instead, Travis had so much fun, he cut eight lawns that day. In fact, he wanted to keep on doing it. He asked for his mom’s permission and enlisted the help of his brothers and cousins. Wilson said to ABC 13 she had no qualms about allowing Travis to continue cutting lawns since its a constructive way to keep him out of trouble.

Although Travis’ crew offer their services for free, some people are hesitant to open the door for them to see what they are offering because of the way they look. Wilson said to ABC 13, "Because they're young black males, people are a little afraid to open their door. They just shut the door, 'no thank you.' They don't even give them a chance to tell them it's free we want to stay out of trouble, we just want to take care of our community."


All the lawn work the teens have provided took a toll on their equipment, so Wilson set up a Go Fund Me for them to help them buy new equipment. So far, the teens have surpassed their $6,000 goal, raising more than $76,000. In addition to cash donations, people have also offered free lawn care items and business advice to the teens via the crowdfunding page.