French artist, Matthieu Robert-Ortiz, has created an incredible sculpture that focuses on transformation based on angle. From one angle, it appears to be two giraffes, however, as the viewer changes perspective, the sculpture becomes and elephant! According to the offical Matthieu Robert-Ortiz website, this piece was on display at the District of Paris. 

According to the Ortiz's portfolio, much of his creative energy is used to create sculptures that transform based on perspective. Some of his other works include a crab that casts off a shadow of a man and kissing kangaroos that casts a shadow of an octopus. 

The remarkable thing about this type of work is that it takes a level of skill and understanding of shapes and lines that can manifest into multiple images. According to his Facebook page, many fans have classified among the most elite artists of our time. Move over Picasso! 

Check out the video below to see the sculpture change as the camera switches angle. You'll be amazed!