Michigan residents were stunned last May when a man was arrested for spraying poison onto ready-to-eat food items in several grocery stores. An employee of an Ann Arbor Whole Foods called police when Kyle Bessemer, 29, was spotted spraying something onto items in the salad bar. The FBI later confirmed that the substance was a mixture of rat poison and hand sanitizer.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development urged the public to throw out any ready-to-eat food purchased in the affected stores, which ranged over four counties across the state. "It's a very scary crime that happened," Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie told Fox 2 Detroit. "Thankfully, as far as we know, nobody has been hurt."

Bessemer's mother had petitioned the court system in August of 2014 to hospitalize her son for mental illness, MLive Media reports. "Kyle suffers from schizophrenia, refuses to get help. He hears voices, sees people who are not there. Refuses to eat with the family because he thinks we are putting something in his food," Elizabeth Bessemer wrote in her petition. Kyle Bessemer agreed to a 90-day treatment program, but it is unclear whether that program was completed.

Bessemer was charged with two 15-year felonies and two 20-year felonies related to the poisonings, but has been evaluated as mentally incompetent to stand trial. WINK News reports that he will remain in Michigan's Center for Forensic Psychiatry until his next hearing on September 22.