Learning ways to protect yourself from a predator could mean the difference between life or death. Women are especially at risk for being attacked because criminals often assume that they are more vulnerable. However, learning how to maneuver your body has less to do with physical strength, and more to do with smart tactics. Let's look at one example.

In a video provided by Nick Drossos, you can see a step-by-step guide for a self defense move that can help defend yourself against a choke hold from behind. While women may assume that attacks from behind are impossible to escape, this video proves otherwise. 

Drossos indicates that in order to escape a choke hold, you have seconds to respond. An article from Women's Health says that you have about five seconds to respond and a moment of hesitation could make the difference. You don't have time to scream for help and wait for a hero. You have to learn to protect yourself.

The video indicates that rather than fight and claw at the intruder's hands, you should turn around and face him and immediately start fighting back by focusing on his face and eyes. This will prompt the attacker to break his grip and allow you to get away. Women's Health suggests focusing moving toward your attacker which may seem counterproductive, but in a confrontation, if you are not causing injury than you are likely being injured yourself. 

Learning to safeguard yourself could make the difference in an attack. Every woman should know basic self-defense skills--it could save your life. Share the knowledge. Pass this on to the women in your life.