Imagine seeing this ugly face peeping up from the sand the next time you're at the beach! Meet the northern stargazer, a creepy-looking but not uncommon fish found along the eastern shore of the United States -- although, thankfully, not usually on the beaches.
Despite its dreamy philosopher-sounding name, the stargazer is a carnivorous hunter; he hides in the sand with his upward-facing eyes watching for prey. When something yummy-looking comes near, he darts out, grabs his lunch and swallows it whole. This video from YouTube user Pang Quong shows the stargazer in action in Australia.

As if his jagged teeth and bugged-out eyes weren't scary enough, the northern species of stargazer also has an organ on his head that delivers an electric shock. It's not enough to kill a human, but it does ward off most predators. 

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Check this out. A friend of ECSC came across this Stargazer while walking in Virginia Beach (note: these animals tend to...

Posted by East Coast Surfing Championships on Saturday, July 2, 2016