On your wedding day, being surrounded by your family is an amazing feeling. That feeling is only magnified when your family does something like the bride's brothers do in the video below. As Kishan Kotecha, one of this lucky bride's brothers, explains on the YouTube video, this was meant to be "a wedding gift she'll never forget."

These seven brothers, ranging in age from 15 to 46, choreographed a dance with the help of Nicky Farmer of Kidology Dance Co. (a British dance school), so they could perform at their sister's wedding reception. Their routine starts with The Lion King's "The circle of Life," written by Sir Elton John. The Kotecha brothers wanted this beginning to symbolize "protection of a dear sister by her brothers."

However, this was just the spectacular classic beginning.  This tribute to their beloved sister includes and covers many hits in a myriad of styles. From all-time favorites such as Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to modern classics like Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies," the Kotecha family seems to be able to master all the dance styles provided by these songs. 

The performance is impressive, but they insist they only spent 6 hours rehearsing it. With or without dancing lessons, however, one thing is for sure: Their sister loved the idea. "She welled up with tears of joy," they proudly add.

Be sure to watch the full performance in the video below.