A video of an Ohio teen using sign language to help another person is going viral. The teen, 18-year-old Caleb Francis, helped a deaf customer at the Taco Bell where he works. Francis had a conversation with the deaf man, who according to WEWS NewsChannel5 looked "lost and confused," and helped him order a meal.

Francis, who can hear and speak, was able to communicate with the customer because he took two years of American Sign Language as a language elective in high school, NewsNet 5 reported. Francis’ ASL skills didn’t come in handy until recently when he helped the customer.

Francis told News Net 5 he jumped at the chance to help the deaf customer because he loves helping people and he loves ASL.

“I think the biggest misconception about this is people say oh you probably made his day like so much easier and all that stuff…but what people don’t understand is it’s just exciting for me to get to sign to people as it is for anybody else…so when someone says oh I sign, it’s like Oh!, it’s just so exciting to me."

 Another customer recorded Francis signing with the deaf man and posted it on Facebook, where it went viral. Since the video went viral, Francis said to News Net 5 that more deaf people have been visiting the Taco Bell just so that they can sign their orders to him. He also said he wants to become more fluent in the language.