Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has made some people wonder if he might skip debates with Democratic competitor Hillary Clinton. 

Trump tweeted recently that he thinks Clinton and other members of the Democratic Party are “trying to rig the debates” because two of the debates are scheduled to take place on the same night as National Football League games. 

The first presidential election debate between Trump and Clinton is scheduled to happen on Sept. 26, the same day as "Monday Night Football" on ESPN. The second presidential debate takes place on Oct. 9 at the same time that “Sunday Night Football” will be airing.

According to CNN, Trump said he received a letter from the NFL saying that the organization thought the head-to-head scheduling was “ridiculous” also. After an NFL spokesman said that they never sent a letter to Trump, a Trump aide clarified Trump’s remarks, claiming that a source close to the NFL made the statement, Deadspin reported.

The Commission on Presidential Debates responded to Trump’s remarks, saying that Trump’s claim of rigging is inaccurate because the nonpartisan group “did not consult with any political parties or campaigns in making these decisions,” according to CNN. Furthermore, the commission also said the fall debate was scheduled a year ago in September 2015.

CNN said debates also competed with NFL games during the 2012 elections, and they were still highly rated.