Who says that brotherly love doesn't cover the bird world as well? RumbleViral's adorable video of Indian Ringneck parakeets Fabio and Gabriel's bond surely warms any parent's (or parakeet parent's) heart. However, little brother Gabriel may not only be delivering sweet smacks, but also kissing up to his brother and roommate.

"You share the toys, Gabriel," his owner is heard commenting after the blue parakeet delivers numerous kisses to his brother's head and beak. Gabriel accompanies each kiss with a bit of a dramatic, "mwah" noise upon delivery. Fabio responds by thanking his brother or simply saying his name, although he seems to grow a wary of the constant attention at points.

According to the Indian Ringneck website, these exotic birds typically charm humans with their amazing clarity of speech and quick learning. Although native to Asia and Africa, colonies of Indian Ringnecks now appear in unusual places, dining at bird feeders and parks in California, Florida and the U.K.

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