A cyclist out for a ride was surprised to find a mountain lion on the same path — an encounter that is incredibly uncommon between humans and these elusive animals. The exchange between the two, captured in the video below, is certainly intense, with a combination of curiosity and fear. 


The cyclist establishes dominance by remaining confident during the encounter. He says, "I am way bigger than you." According to an article from Back Country Attitude, size is certainly important. If you do come in contact with a mountain lion, you should try to make yourself appear bigger. It is likely that the cyclist's bike helped with this, because as the cyclist moves toward the cat, the animal steps backward. 

At times, it seems like the cyclist is in total awe that he is in such close proximity to a 200-pound carnivore. "There's a mountain lion right here. Right in front of me," he says as the animal seems to debate about getting a closer look. 

Near the end of the video, it seems that the animal is sizing up the man. The cyclist, probably sensing danger, says, "I'm not afraid of you," as he moves toward the lion with his bike. Back Country Attitude warns that if you do encounter these animals, you should not run away but instead maintain eye contact and make as much noise as possible.

In the end, the mountain lion decides he will continue on his way down the path. Phew! Check out the video to see the entire exchange between the two.