This wedding dance is unlike any you've seen before. The video was posted by the YouTube channel UpperClass Boss under the headline "BEST WEDDIN DANCE EVER SEEN- THEY KILLED IT." And indeed, the bride and groom who performed this top-notch choreography nailed their wedding dance like no nuptials have before.

The bride was not the only one in white at this wedding. The groom too donned ivory. The bride and groom's outfits were complete with matching masquerade masks. As they swooped and swagged, they were obscured by smoke befitting a stadium concert. As Missy Elliott says in the chosen song, "Pep Rally," it was "out of control."

Things really heated up though when mid-dance, the bridal party joined in for an epic dance that pumped up the room's energy to an unknown degree. But just as the wedding guests thought the dance had hit its climax, the bride slumped over, only to jump back up again for the most monumental part of the dance.

This wedding dance will pump up the energy in any party.

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