Word of the day: engastration. It may not be found in some dictionaries, but it's a culinary term referring to the technique of stuffing an animal carcass with the remains of another animal before cooking. In modern times, the best-known example of engastration is the "turducken," a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey concoction made famous by sports commentator John Madden.

Cooks have been using engastration for centuries: an article in Vice notes the technique in recipes dating back to 5th century Rome. The same article references an 1807 recipe for the rôti sans parleil, or "roast without equal," in which 17 different birds are stuffed inside of each other.

Chef J. Kenji Lopez-Alt states that the appeal of engastration is its element of surprise. "A perfect turducken should arrive at the table looking just like a regular old turkey," he wrote in Serious Eats, also noting that "it's not a quick project, and it takes a bit of practice. But nail this recipe, and you will forever be known in your family as the king (or queen) of the holiday table."

Some cooks, however, don't use the surprise of engastration as a demonstration of culinary prowess; sometimes, it's a prank. In the home video below, a young woman named Raquel discovers a small bird inside the cavity of her turkey. Her mom, behind the camera, laughs as the horrified Raquel realizes her turkey was "pregnant."

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