If you enjoyed the battle over The Dress, it's time to get your battle gear on and join the fight over The Legs. Take a look at the photo below and ask yourself: are these legs oily and shiny, or do they have white paint on them?

Kayden Stephenson is responsible for this latest internet frenzy; he didn't take the photo, but it's his October 25 tweet that has been retweeted more than 20,000 times in just three days.

The debate rages on:

"Without a doubt, white paint," tweeted Gregory Watton. "There are no light reflections or distortions on the legs as there would be if oiled."

"Literally looks like she slathered on baby oil," counters Twitter user Raina. "Where the paint at??"

Geary goes for the compromise: "It's mostly 'at a glance' that they look oily," she tweeted. "Closer inspection reveals the paint."

The Telegraph is running an online poll, asking its readers to choose "shiny legs" or "white paint." At the time of this writing, 79 percent of those taking the poll have chosen "white paint" and 21 percent have chosen "shiny legs."

What do you think? Take a good look at the photo and tell us what you see in the comments below. ​