Before this momentous day, 7-week-old Lachlan had never heard his parents' voices. You can see the exact second when this infant's world expanded dramatically.

According to the BBC, Lachlan was diagnosed with a hearing impairment at birth, and his parents Toby and Michelle Lever had him fitted for his first pair of hearing aids when he was only 7 weeks old. Despite his apparent unhappiness at having the aids placed into his ears, Lachlan's discomfort quickly morphs into wonder and happiness as he adjusts to having a brand new sense.
Lever gushes to the BBC about her son's reaction, "Our baby not only smiled for the first time, more importantly, he heard. His whole world opened up." Lachlan has the chance to develop verbally thanks to his hearing aid, a skill that the BBC notes would have been extremely difficult for him otherwise.