In a complete departure from her normally upbeat style, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres makes a tearful plea on the air.

According to her accounts, Ellen adopted Iggy from a rescue shelter, but after having the pup spayed and neutered and training it, she was sad to learn that Iggy simply was not compatible with her home. Rather than return the dog to the shelter, Mutts and Moms in Pasadena, Calif., she chose to give Iggy to her hairdresser's children, who fell in love with the rambunctious puppy.
Unfortunately, Ellen had signed a contract stating that the dog must be returned to the shelter if he or she does not live with the adopter, which allowed the rescue organization to take Iggy back. While on the air, Ellen recognizes that she technically violated the contract, but urges the organization to return the dog to the little girls who did nothing wrong. In an update from People, Ellen confirms that Iggy was placed in another home. Though she is glad the controversy is over, Ellen tells Ryan Seacrest, "I want Iggy's health and safety, number one. I would like Iggy to come back to that family, because I gave Iggy to that family, and that family has now had their hearts broken, and I feel responsible."