Many artists, teachers, and coaches - and creators in general - will tell you that you can't rush perfection. It's sound advice, as rushing through important tasks can result in careless errors. And unless you're an Olympic sprinter, there's really no reason to be moving at your fastest pace while completing an important task. After all, there's a reason they say patience is a virtue.
Maybe someone never told D. Westry that you can't rush perfection, or maybe he just ignored it. The speed painter rushes each and every piece of art he creates, but that hasn't affected the outcome. Rather, Westry is able to create remarkable portraits all the while maintaining his claim as "the world's fastest speed painter." His ability to speed paint has allowed him to become an entertainer. 

Back in 2012, Westry made an appearance on Anderson Live and showed off his skills. Audience members weren't so sure about Westry's method at first, until he flipped the completed piece upside down and wowed everyone.