At Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine, "the romance of farm life is still very much a reality." The farm is home to a number of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, all of whom have their own name and specific preferences when it comes to treats. At Sunflower Farm, an assortment of delicious cheeses are made daily. Visitors are welcome to stop by anytime, pick up some feta or chevre, and say hello to the goats. 

One of the goats' favorite things to do on the farm is run. That's right, the 40 plus Nigerian Dwarf goats love to run around the open fields, chasing after any humans in sight. "They love to run back and forth following their human friends!" the YouTube description reads. "They often beat us on the way back!"

The uploader makes a point to say that the goats are sold only to loving families. They may appear to be a handful, but they sure are cute. Watch them run below!