This little boy may have broken military protocol, but 3-year-old Cooper Waldvogel couldn't wait any longer.

According to KARE, Kathryn Waldvogel had been serving in Afghanistan for nine months with the National Guard's 114th Transportation Company before finally returning home in 2014. The first sergeant them instructed to file into the auditorium and remain in formation until dismissed, as stopping to greet loved ones would make the process take far longer than necessary.
Waldvogel's son, Cooper, didn't care much for this rule and ran right into his mom's arms. Repotedly, little Cooper had done something similar when his father, Adam Waldvogel, returned after serving in Afghanistan with the National Guard's 850th Horizontal Engineers in Dec. 2013. Considering that Cooper had been separated from one of his parents for over a third of his life, it makes sense for him to want to break the rules and hug his mom as soon as possible.