On an episode of The Jenny Jones Show entitled "Boot Camp My Pre-Teen," a problematic 10-year-old and his mother are the focus. He and his mother take center stage, where a drill instructor speaks to the boy, hoping to instill discipline in him. "Do you love that woman right there?" he shouts, pointing at his mother. The drill instructor is strict to begin with, but with two words the boy completely changes the instructor's demeanor. 

"You're not an adult until your 18, do you want me to be your daddy for the next eight years?" he asks the boy. The 10-year-old's unexpected answer touches both the drill instructor and audience members. "Yes," he says, without hesitation. "I don't have a daddy," he explains, which prompts the drill instructor to wrap him in a big hug. 

The endearing clip has been viewed nearly 20 million times on YouTube. You can watch the moment unfold below.